Policies & Procedures

Quality of training, programme delivery & assessment

ABET:Sizanani adheres to SAQA guidelines on ABET programme delivery and assessment.

The learners are given regular feedback on their performance. Learners provide feedback to assess the facilitator’s presentation through a questionnaire at the end of the programme. 

At the end of the learning programme, the portfolios of evidence from each learner are gathered and sent to IEB or UNISA Assessment Agency for external assessment. Successful learners are issued with IEB or UNISA certificates respectively.

For the programmes that have unit standards, SAQA guidelines are used in delivery and assessment. For those without unit standards, programmes are designed, delivered and assessed for specific outcomes. Successful learners are then issued with Sizanani ABET Career Solutions Certificates of Attendance.

Staff Policies

Sizanani ABET Career Solutions employs qualified and experienced ABET practitioners and is committed to continuous staff development in order to meet our business objectives and the training needs of our clients.

Language Policy

English is the official language of Sizanani ABET Career Solutions. All staff are expected to be fluent in English and Tswana, the language widely spoken in our target area of operation. The training staff are also expected to be creative enough to meet other language needs of the leaners.

Recognition of Previous Learning (RPL) Policy

Sizanani ABET Career Solutions uses the RPL process as standardized by SAQA; Prescreening; Assessment Plan; Assessment Stage; Judgement Stage; Moderation; Feedback and Post-Assessment or Appeal Process.

Appeals Policy

Learners are expected to respect the decisions made by Sizanani ABET Career Solutions training staff, but they are entitled to appeal against the results of assessments if they feel that unfairness, invalidity, unreliability, impracticality, inadequacy of experience, and unethical practices were present in assessment. The appeals procedure forms part of the assessment tool and is relayed to learners during the assessment.

Financial Management / Governance Policy

Sizanani ABET Career Solutions adheres to stringent financial oversight and employs the services of qualified and registered accountants