Established in 1994, Sizanani Training Centre was initially registered with the Department of Social Welfare as a non-profit organisation. In 2004, following ten years of operation, the Centre was renamed and transformed into Sizanani ABET Career Solutions. It has since become a financially independent, successful business entity. 

Sizanani’ is a Xhosa word meaning ‘to help each other’. The main objective of Sizanani ABET Career Solutions is to assist and empower individuals, particularly the previously disadvantaged, through Basic Skills Training.


Sizanani ABET Career Solutions sees itself as a major contributor to the transformation and empowerment of men and women, particularly previously disadvantaged individuals, through training in basic life skills.


To improve the quality of people’s lives, particularly previously disadvantaged individuals, by equipping them with the essential knowledge of basic life skills.


​• Quality – service, staff
• Commitment – to quality service delivery
• Leadership – is key to the commitment to quality service delivery
• Integrity – in everything we do